Frequently Asked Questions

No. Barn Hunt is suitable for dogs of all levels – including complete beginners. We start right at the basics and build up from there.

Nope. All you need is your dog, a collar or harness, and a lead – preferably a long line to start with.

Absolutely not – in fact it’s likely to do the opposite.

A dog’s instinct to search/chase prey is genetic. And in a domestic environment, most dogs don’t get the chance to perform this instinctive predatory behaviour very often, even though their desire to search/chase is still there. This can sometimes lead to unwanted behaviour such as chewing things at home or chasing squirrels when you’re out on a walk.

By giving your dog the chance to search and seek out some ‘prey’ in a controlled environment, we begin to ‘scratch this genetic itch’ that’s been lingering, and in most cases, this will actually make your dog less likely to chase things they shouldn’t be.

Yes of course. Dogs are worked individually and there is no need for dogs to go near to each other during workshops so we gladly welcome dogs that may be anxious / uncomfortable around people or other dogs.

Please give us as many details as possible when you book on and we will do everything we can to help your dog feel comfortable during the workshop. Or if you’d prefer to have a chat with us beforehand, drop us a message and we’d be happy to talk through things with you.

Please do make sure that you use any safety equipment (e.g. a muzzle, lead waist belt, etc.) and a yellow lead / signage where relevant so that we can make sure everyone in the workshop stays safe and comfortable.

Yes absolutely. As dogs are worked individually, we can adjust the way the tubes are hidden for your dog. For example, if you dog struggles to jump onto / off the straw bales, we can hide the tube at ground level. Or, if your dog has impaired vision, we can help to guide them around the straw bales.

Please give us as many details as possible when you book on and we will do everything we can to help your dog feel safe and comfortable during the workshop.

The rats we use are sustainably sourced from a local supplier. They have been bred to be fed to reptiles and aren’t killed specifically to be used for Barn Hunt. Rats are defrosted shortly before the workshop and do not smell (to you – your dog will obviously be able to detect their scent).

You and your dog will not see or come into contact with the rat during your workshop; they stay inside the sealed tube. At the end of the day, defrosted rats are taken to a field where there are plenty of resident foxes, and they are always gone by the next morning. Mr fox is probably grateful for an easy meal on those nights!

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered on this page, feel free to drop us a message.

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